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Navigating the world requires one to have special documents to prove identity, age or ownership. You need to board a bus to another county and show your Identity Card (ID) for legal age identification. Going outside the country, an ID, a passport, and a visa is a must. Even the simplest of functions like purchasing a beer at the supermarket, having good moments at a bar need an ID.

A personal ID card today is like your shadow; where you go, you need it! Without it, you miss on essential services. How do you feel when your first visit to a club with fellow college mates and the club security guards may take you out because you lack your ID! Such experiences are nasty.

Well, you don't have to worry. IDGod provides you with the best quality fake ids you can use at any point; personal ID is required. You get to enjoy your first club visit, bus ticket purchase comfortably, first night out late with no fear of under-age misconduct. A fake ID can help you live life to the fullest and accessing services barred to you for lack of a real ID, whether lost or still underage.

IDGod Ids are real to the naked eye. Passing them through a scanner validates their authenticity. Assessing them through a backlight or looking through the holograms will prove the document to be real. In other words, IDGod replicates every single section or item present on a real Government Issue identification card.

Getting in touch with IDGod for a copy is a straightforward task. The customer service personnel are available throughout the day. Consult on your desired service, pay through any of the available payment platforms for convenience and anonymity. Wait for a few hours or days, depending on your documents for delivery.

If your order requires shipping, the order has to undergo the standard preparation period before delivery. Then it will take around two to five days for delivery. IDGod is one of the fastest fake id design and delivery services available that is nearest to you.

No need to worry about security features; we incorporate all aspects of a real ID. Our services are competitive yet very affordable prices. Our quality of services is superb. Our clients are diverse, and so we believe in offering quality and amenable services to all!

Safety (Customer Guarantee)

IDGod incorporates every aspect of a real ID card to the fake one. The rigidity of a real ID is somehow flexible, though not all the way. These fake IDs fold similarly. To top it off, they weigh almost the same, and differentiating the thickness levels of a real and a IDGod copy is difficult.

IDGod-Fake ID

IDGod have a smooth edge, no ridges, or bumps that often sell out a fake ID. Also, the edges appear the same, making it impossible to split it into two. IDGod make use of quality materials providing quality copies of personal documentation.

A visual survey will alert you to the reality of the fake ID. The ID will pass every scan test, the holograms are visible, and the backlight confirms this fake ID's legitimacy. You might think that is a conflicting statement, but that is the reality of getting a fake ID from IDGod.

If unsure or not yet convinced, pick your phone, make a call, and we will avail samples for you to assess before committing to our services. Our customer service team will handle your consultation services, and with your call or visit, we will ensure you receive not only quality but top-notch or incomparable fake ID.

Available States

Since we are an online service provider for many, we pride in providing fake ids to individuals in any state with a shipping company from where we are currently residing. We have representatives in almost every state who package the ids and send them via shipping to the client. Whenever you make an order, you have to include the shipping period. (Read More about How to Order)

Admitting which states we are in can be unprofessional and reduces our level of anonymity. Since this is a private service, we prefer remaining stealthy while providing quality fake ids all the same. The same stealth applies to our shipping and delivery services. Your security remains a top priority for us, no matter what!

We aim to deliver requested ids with minimal challenges, including courier interventions. Using this method protects the customer and us ensuring we remain a quality and reputable service provider.

Overview of Security Features

Are you worried about the usual security features present in your real ID card not featuring in this copy? IDGod produce an ID that matches your lost one or desired one precisely with the same print. They add barcodes to your id as well.

Since a personal photo is necessary, it is one of the requirements you need to have an authentic identification card. Adding an image is an essential and most assuring security feature on any document. Some IDs like work identification cards or badges have a magnetic stripe denoting authority or access. If you need it, IDGod gets it for you! Magnetic stripe and photo ids make it easy to pass a scan, swipe, and backlight tests.

Have you seen the different colors your ID produces when exposed to the light? In some identity cards, the colors form an image, contain information, or give access. IDGod creates a perfect match of your card, making it difficult to differentiate it from an original. IDGod goes out of their way to use authentic materials like the topcoat's reflective materials (aluminum).

There is nothing that can compare to the small micro text copies they add to your ID following your specifications. If you lose your top security ID or badge, any add on security feature present in it is available using IDGod.

A fluorescent overlay is another security feature that screams authentic. Not only does it indicate durability, but the cards also gain a flexibility level similar to that of a real card. You earn these services at a low cost affordable to all! Also, the card becomes an efficient means of receiving essential services on the go!

Shipping Procedure

Shipping your ID to your location follows the same procedure as purchasing items from other online stores. After making the purchase and placing a successful payment, you need to select the delivery process. If it is in a different state, click on various state, names, and select shipping.

We offer regular payment rates for small parcels. However, since it is a high priority and security is essential, we prefer to put the package in disguise. If you are making the purchase, you can develop the proper disguise or select amongst the given ones.

The process makes shipping simple, secure, and convenient means of acquiring a fake ID.


IDGod is a top-notch fake ID website that combines both secure and convenient means of obtaining a fake ID. The website has a straightforward step-wise process of placing an order, a suitable payment platform and structure, and a secure shipping process that maintains anonymity. IDGod eliminate every risk associated with getting a fake ID, ensuring you can access and enjoy any service you need.

Our ID selection, Licenses provided, and any other copy you need from us remains anonymous. Every security detail is present on these official documents making them difficult to differentiate from real ones. Our customers take priority, and thus, we strive to offer quality, convenient and fast services!

Making Payments

Making a Fake ID order on IDGod follows a simple process.

Select the order form, and a payment form appears. Read through the document to identify areas you need to fill with essential information IDGod needs from you.

Check the price and shipping costs if having yours sent to you. Select the state you want the ID to represent you. If you need more than one, indicate the different additional States you need the IDs to show.

Calculate the total amount to confirm the price indicated on the online form. Select the convenient payment platform you want to deliver your payment.

Enter payment details and confirm the money transfer to IDGod.

Some of the online payment platforms include Bitcoin, Debit, and Credit Cards attached to online platforms like PayPal, Escrow, and many more. Select accordingly and pick a convenient payment platform.

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You make the request, indicate the type of fake ID you need, and send a photo. Inspection by company technicians eventually starts. Requests for background information and editing also kick-off.


IDGod designs or picks up a suitable template, either for the ID, a license, or State ID. IDGod will then enter any essential information onto the selected template.


IDGod adds crucial data, such as holograms and other security features. The last step is to assess and test the ID for quality before shipping it off to the client.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are only one in the Market Offering 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you are Not Satisfied with The Quality Of Our Fake ID then We will Refund you without Asking a Single Question.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are They Scannable?

Ye! Our Fake IDs Are Scannable and Premium Hologram In it. 

What Is your Payment Metho?

We Accept Crypto (Bitcoin, Light Coin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash), PayPal, Western Union and Gift Card.

Can I Order Multiple Fake ID at a time? 

Absolutely! In-fact We Offer Discount if you Order more than 4 Fake IDs at a time. 

What is The Delivery Time

We Have Express Delivery Option. You will Get Your Fake ID With in 2 weeks or less.

Do you Offer Money Back Guarantee?

Yes! We Ooffer 100% Money back guarantee if you cant deliver your Fake ID On time.

What Information Do you Need?

We have a Information box need to filled by you and attached 2 Copy of your Picture (White Background) and Your Signature. 

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