Order Fake Id

How to Order Fake Id

Purchasing a fake id is an anonymous process. There are not many payment options that can offer a 100% guarantee of anonymity. However, crypto payments can ensure your information remains out of reach when ordering a faker id.

There are many different types of Cryptocurrency you can use to pay on IDGod. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, LTC, ZCash, BCH, XMR, and Dash. However, before you use the crypto to make payments, you must extract the coins first.

How do you go about buying Crypto coins?

  • Register with IDGod
  • Use your account to log in.
  • Go to the payment section.
  • Scroll down to the Cryptocurrency of choice
  • Select how to buy BTC coins
  • Proceed to purchase the needed bitcoins for the transaction
  • Remember, you can only extract $100 worth in bitcoins. If the amount you need exceeds this amount, then you purchase the amount the next day until you have enough to complete the transaction.
  • Click on Extract Bitcoin to transfer the amount to a select wallet provided by IDGod.

Your transaction is now complete.

Why use cryptos?

Remain anonymous

Once you make a purchase using bitcoin or any other crypto, there are no credit details left behind. No receipts are given, and thus, no way of tracking the transaction preserving your identity. You are also secure from malicious intents as cryptos are not physical but digital, which protects your privacy.

Mobile Friendly

You can use Bitcoin to pay for your fake ids using your smartphone. The site is mobile-friendly, allowing the use of a QR code to complete a transaction. No more password or pin you may forget and no physical cards you can lose. Using radio technology, you can make your crypto payments to IDGod on the phone.

Pay from anywhere

Use cryptocurrency payments from any location or region in the world. All you need is to have a bitcoin address of the IDGod website, and you can complete the transaction within seconds. You can do these during the weekend and on holidays as well as working days. Your order will never be late with crypto payments.

Better money management

The security level for cryptos only allows one user to use an account. The security level is the military-grade, which protects from unauthorized access. However, you need to protect the account by following the security steps provided when registering and purchasing crypto coins.

Make payments outside your state and international

Worried that you cannot get a fake id since you are not in a specific state? You can send bitcoin easy and fast to IDGod and receive your fake id on time. You will experience no extra fees, no waiting period but fast and efficient national and international transfers.


Choosing a payment structure that is convenient, anonymous, and offers control over your funds is not easy. Using the payment to make payments to a fake id website is more complicated. However, with cryptos, the process is simple, fast, and easy to understand. All you have to do is follow the above steps and enjoy anonymity.